Schedule of Meetings

For information - the meeting schedule for the 2020/21 period will be confirmed at the earliest opportunity due to Covid-19, the next planned Full Council Meeting will be on 20th July 2020.  The table below will be completed at the 1st opportunity.  Further meetings may be added as and when details are available.

Note:- all meetings will be held remotely until otherwise noted - all meetings are subject to short notice cancellations. 

**Please see this page regarding Personnel Committee meetings. 






Finance & Audit (Zoom)


15/06/2020 Full Council (Zoom)ü ü
22/06/2020Asset & Property (Zoom) ü
29/06/2020Personnel (Zoom) ü 
29/06/2020Events (Zoom)  ü   ü
06/07/2020Youth Provision Partnership (Zoom) üü


Finance & Audit (Zoom) üü
20/07/2020 Full Council (Zoom) ü
 17/08/2020 Finance and Audit (Zoom)
 07/09/2020 Asset & Property (Zoom)
 07/09/2020 Events (Zoom)
 21/09/2020 Full Council  
 28/09/2020 Youth Partnership  
 28/09/2020 Strategy (Councillors ONLY)  
 05/10/2020 Personnel  
 05/10/2020 Asset & Property  
 19/10/2020 Full Council
 26/10/2020  Strategy (Councillors ONLY)  
 26/10/2020 Finance & Audit  
 02/11/2020 Events  

 Climate Change

 16/11/2020 Full Council  
 30/11/2020 Asset & Property  
 30/11/2020 Finance & Audit  
 21/12/2020 Full Council  

Where there is a * next to an agenda, this indicates that appendix will be referred to during the meeting.  If you wish to see a copy of any or all of these, please contact the Council to request.  In rare circumstances parts of the appendix may be redacted at the discretion of the Clerk.