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About Our Parish Environmental Team
Hollinswood and Randlay Parish Council is working with Telford and Wrekin Council on an innovative partnership, aimed at making the local area cleaner and greener. We are one of seven parishes who have signed up to the scheme, covering some of the most populated areas in the Borough (covering 76, 583 people approximately).

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How this works
Our team will enhance the environmental work that Telford & Wrekin Council already provides across our parish, the partnership is slightly different in comparison to the requirements of other the individual parishes. We have an employee working with the apprentice 4 days a week and 1 day a week the apprentice will be at TCAT.

How is this project funded?
The majority of the funding comes from the Parish Council with Telford & Wrekin Council also making a contribution of £12,500 a year. This partnership provides employment for an environmental maintenance operative and an apprentice. The partnership agreement runs for five years and is an example of how our Parish Council benefits from working in partnership with Telford and Wrekin Council.

Positive aims, Positive outcomes Our aim is to work alongside existing contractors to improve areas around our parish. This will include:
  • Litter picking and evaluation
  • Fly tip monitoring and clearing
  • Grounds maintenance and enhancements
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Subway monitoring and enhancements
  • Identification and reporting of potential hazards
This project has been running in our Parish since the middle of May 2013 and so far we have filled over 2 link tip truck bodies with rubbish plus 12 large euro bins with litter and Fly tips from around our parish.

To put this into perspective the average weight of a black bin bag when filled is approximately 7.5kg.

We have collected from around Hollinswood and Randlay over 300 bags of street litter and fly tip.

300 x 7.5kg =2250kg convert into tonnes = 2.480 tonne.

This figure is only an approximate figure but it equates to an awful lot of rubbish picked up by our parish team.

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