Parish Strategy & Priorities

Please find attached the Parish Council's Strategy for the periods stated on the link.

PS 2019/2024 

PS 2018/2023 

PS 2017/18

PS 2016/17

If you would wish to comment, please contact the Parish Council direct via this link.

Parish Council Strategies and Action Plans

The Members of Hollinswood & Randlay Parish Council meet annually in September to formulate their Strategy for the next financial year.  The meetings, on a Saturday, are dedicated to confirming the Council’s Vision and identifying the Priorities (attached).

Members will have completed a questionnaire and undertaken surgeries in order to consult the community before formulating their document.

The 2017 and 2018 Strategies have included a 5 year budget plan, this enables the Parish Council to plan ahead and to be able to address and deliver more complicated, or expensive, projects.

The Parish Council Strategy and Action Plan are used to provide the focus and guidelines for the forthcoming budget, so the timing of adoption of this document is such that it feeds into the budget discussions, undertaken by the Finance & Audit Committee.