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As we progress in developing the website we are keen to include the history of our area.

It is interesting to hear of the memories of our area before the extensive development in and around Telford Town Centre.

If you have information that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. You may even have some photographs that we can include - please email enquiries@harpc.org.uk or call 01952 567961.

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So this is what we have so far....

Hollinswood and Randlay does not seem to have much of a history as such, and the reason for this is not because they were the final additions to the great planned town of Telford, which only came about in the late 1960's.

I think it's more devastating, in so much as it's all been developed, redeveloped and in some places redeveloped again destroying what ever visual history they once had.

But if you take some time to look into the history of Hollinswood and Randlay villages and trust me this has not been easy, you start to find some interesting facts.

  • Hollinswood isn't really in Hollinswood, and it had a Methodist chapel.
  • Randlay Farmhouse, I think, may have been called Mount Pleasant Farmhouse.
  • Stirchley Chimney may well be Randlay Chimney (not wanting to cause too much controversy too soon).
  • Hollinswood may well have had an ironworks.
  • Randlay had a successful brickworks.
  • A Mineral Railway ran through what is now Hollinswood towards Randlay possibly serving the brickworks finishing at a chemical works in Stirchley.
  • Hollinswood was also an interchange for the LMS Railway.
  • Randlay Wood may have had pit shafts or a pit head.
  • Hollinswood and Randlay even had canals. 
Hollinswood and Randlay have a fantastic history long since buried and developed and may be forgotten, and I am only scratching the surface, I need your help to find their lost histories, rebuilding and reviving them in pictures and in your words, and then writing them for future generations to look back at.

Moses Evans reflecting on his childhood memories wrote, "Hollinswood, a small group of houses, a few very old stone cottages and also the remains of an old Methodist Chapel, together with a nearby water tap serving the community. This just about explains the Hollinswood village of my day."
Copyright: Estate of Moses Evans

That extract was taken with kind permission from www.oakengates.com/moses/railways I think there was more to Hollinswood village and indeed Randlay village than this, and with your help and guidance, we'll find it.