Cllr Sophia Vaughan-Hodkinson


After living in the parish for over ten years, I decided it I wanted to help in a more active way.  

As part of a strong team of experienced councillors I was made to feel welcome when I was originally co opted and continue to do so today even though we have changed significantly. I am proud to be part of Hollinswood and Randlay community.

My interests include the environment, such as growing produce, volunteering with the friends of the Hollinswood and Randlay Valley and trying to lessen the human impact on our the earth. I'm not perfect but we can all do our bit.

Education and youth are also important to me, passing on knowledge to the next generation as well as sharing experiences with them and getting their opinion is my passion. 

Working in education for several years has given me skills that are transferable to being a councillor. I'm willing to do whatever is needed, from shifting tables to leading maypole dancing.

It is often a team effort, relying on our parish staff for support, organisation and knowledge. If there is anything I can help you with, please contact me.


Please see this page for any reports submitted by this Councillor.